didgmo stands for DIDGeridoo sound MOdeling. it is a piece of software to simulate didgeridoo sound characteristica by providing the didgeridoos inner geometry.


didgmo is meant to be used by didgeridoo builders. it may be useful for those who like to build didgeridoos with specific sound characteristica. didgmo enables you to predict the sound characteristica in advance of the actual building process and therefore may reduce several fruitless attempts to build a good sounding didgeridoo.


didgmo uses the method of acoustic transmission line modeling to accomplish this. in this procedure, the didgeridoos inner geometry is divided into a finite number of conical and/or cylindrical segments. the acoustic transmission line matrix chain is solved for in the complex number space for a given frequency range, yielding the impedance spectrum to the underlying geometry.

by overlaping the impedance spectrum with the harmonic overblow spectra of the base tone and the 1st overblow, didgmo is capable of predicting realistic sound spectra.


source code

didgmo is released under the zlib/libpng license. for further information see here.

web content

the content of this webpage is released under a creative commons attribution 3.0 license.


31.May. 11

Bug fixes of online version and new (less crowded graph template).

10.May. 11

General update of online version with new input and output format.